Attention: Overlooked Achievers In The Corporate World... Don't waste any more money on certifications, trainings, or go to some boring webinar UNTIL you've seen this workshop.


This No-Cost Workshop Reveals How To Move Your Career From Mediocre To The Corporate Fast Lane

Without sacrificing your family time or Toiling Hard For Long Hours Or depending on your bosses to play god, Even if you have tried everything and it seems like you Will Forever Be Stuck In an Average Career, Due To Things outside your control

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  • For Undervalued High-Performers, Silently Hoping For A Miracle In Their Career.
  • Engaging and Value-Packed Workshop by Game Changer Coaches With 40 Years Senior Leadership Experience (Microsoft, Cognizant, Deloitte, Tech M, Westpac)
  • FREE: Download Our Best Seller Book, "Play It Full" Audio Version of our 300 page book which detail 7 Simple Steps To Create An Extraordinary Career
  • Proven ​​Results: 500+ New Jobs, 53% To 180% Salary Raises, 300+ Promotions (67+ Out of Turn), 20+ 2 level+ Jumps, People Turning The Tide In Their Workplaces

 Sydney Time (AEST)

Jan 26th, Friday
9:00 AM - 13:00 PM


Value : $4,800  Free


 SYD - 6:00 PM

JULY 28th, Sunday
aest - 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Value: $1500  FREE

 SINGAPore - 4:00 PM

JULY 28th, Sunday
sg - 4:00 pM - 7:00 PM


Value: $1500  FREE

 uk BST - 9:00 AM

JULY 28th, Sunday
BST - 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Value: $1500  FREE

 Central europe- 10:00 AM

JULY 28th, Sunday
CET - 10:00 AM - 13:00 PM


Value: $1500  FREE



Here’s Some Of What You WILL Discover…

  • Show Up: Find out what is it worth showing up in your career. Learn to replace the boring goal setting with a powerful alternative to actually create your possibilities. 
  • Blow Up: How to blow away the chains that hold you back. Whether external like politics, market, economy, lack of family support, financial challenges or internal one such as self doubt, fears, lack of confidence or past failures
  • ​Scale Up: Learn our powerful framework that has helped thousands of professionals get into FAANG companies, bag senior level roles, transition career into different industries, attract opportunities, clear interviews like a pro, negotiate like experts, enhance salaries significantly,  and above all, doing all that without compromising on what matters. We mean, you and your family. Yes, you can have it all with this model!

Plus, We're Giving You A Free Bonuses As Our Gift Just For Showing Up

Just to thank you for joining the session and to reward you for doing something positive for yourself, we’re going to give you A FREE BONUSES that we created for our TOP clients that we have never released to the public before.

Free Bonus Gift

Confidence Booster Package (Value $497)

Setbacks and challenges in your career can get daunting when almost everything you do towards a goal doesn't go anywhere. "Confidence Booster Package" contains 2 power trainings to not only FRAME POWERFUL GOALS but also to actually IMPLEMENT YOUR GOALS  -and increase your confidence while doing so.

Who Is THE 10X Your Career workshop FOR?

  • Corporate Professionals with 12-27 years of experience, who want to get to the next level in their career, without burning out and compromising with family.
  • High performing individuals who have a strong sense of not realizing their potential and are wary of a one size fit all solution that have not worked for them in past.
  • ​People who are currently stuck  in mediocre careers and want a proven, and scalable strategy to help them build an extraordinary career while achieving financial strength in 2024.
  • Introverts who have been sitting in a silo, tired of being invisible and not having a voice, whose career needs the right visibility to increase their impact and salaries.
  • #​NotNormal people who know that they were born to be great and are willing to do whatever it takes to beat an average career and create an inspiring life beyond imagination.
  • ​​Legends who are impact driven and want to have clarity of direction, align their career with that direction and to build a career they can be super proud of.
  • ​Those who have tried everything and are now looking for a sure shot way that works.
  • ​​People who know they do awesome work but have been waiting for the right regard, respect and reward at work. 
The 10X Your Career Workshop is for serious corporate executives who are aware of their capability and finally want results.
If you are new to corporate life, if you are a coach, of if you do not want to change, this event is not for you. And that's totally ok! So it might be better if we stay connected on Linkedin and when you are truly ready for a switch, then you attend. That way, we can make sure you have the BEST time at the event and the information is relevant to you.
If you are one of the fast movers, just book a call with my team and we'll show you how to get started immediately.

COULD THIS BE THE BEST TIME IN HISTORY TO break away FRom the chains AND expand YOUR career?

For 4 years now, people have lived under the fear of jobs.

But most forget that they survived the COVID, the great resignation drive, significant corporate upheaval with companies letting go of people and a doom prediction.

in fact, those who didnt give in to these fear based talks, ended up building their life up differently and were rewarded with growing by multiple levels and 2-3X their salaries.

And no, it didn't come at the cost of their family time. So

I’m tipping the biggest boom in a century.
And if you’ve let opportunities to enhance your career slip by during the great resignation drive, and you’re financially behind where you originally wanted to be then … don’t worry.

This might be the best opportunity ever for you to turn things around.

We will teach you a unique system to create powerful results within 3-5 months. 

And while everyone else was panicked about lockdowns and shutdowns, our clients added 53% to 180% in their salaries.
The best part? 

Just in last one year, we've helped hundreds of successful clients add $3.5 million in their salaries! And the number is accelerating!

All, using the same strategies we're going to talk about at the event.

And this is what you need, because the reality is that creating wealth slowly isn’t going to help you get the life you've always dreamed of, or actually get out of the pay cheque cycle.

And frankly, the world isn’t going back to the way it was.

COVID already has changed things, this recession is only going to create new realities.

Best of all … the start of a brand new boom, WHILE EVERYONE ELSE IS PANICKED ABOUT the economic crisis or job losses, it is the perfect time to be Growing your career.

That’s because when the trouble starts, everyone starts becoming cautious and consolidates. It is akin to everyone sitting down and become smaller. The only people who then grab the opportunities are the people who remaining standing, have a strong influence in the market and have right connections to tap into.

Getting to double salary means more than skills, more than capability and definitely more than luck.

It means you have to get converted into a MAGNET for opportunities.

It means you have to become someone who is sought after for roles, top assignments and meaty projects.

You are aware that being a high performer means being
  • More successful than peers but significantly less stressed because of operating from his/her inner circle
  • ​Spend MORE time with family because of significantly higher level of throughput
  • ​More confident that you will achieve your goals despite any adversity because of building the right support system
  • ​More recognized than others because of the positive persona that they start carrying
  • More admired and considered for leadership roles because of trailblazing success
  • ​Much higher sense of satisfaction because of the feeling of abundance
  • And definitely higher income than their peers because of not having blockers to work through
And that is why this workshop is critical for you to attend.

Because we share the path with you to increase your performance as a leader, even if you have never played a leadership role.

And this is what we're sharing with you.

Be warned though.

This is NOT like a traditional BORING virtual webinar where you listen to some monotone presenter for hours wondering why the hell you signed up in the first place.

The 10X Your Career Event is a high intensity, high energy virtual event that you will remember forever.

But make no mistake - there’s some work to be done and some new skills to gain.

However, if you’re motivated and driven and prepared to do the work, you could be well on your way to 10x results in your career and doubling you salary in 4-6 months!

You could turn the upcoming recession into massive paydays you can use to increase your impact and give you the lifestyle you aspire for much sooner.


By now you’ve probably know that the workshop is ENTIRELY FREE.

People charge anywhere from $500 to $10000 or more for education like this, and it would definitely be worth it.

But where we come from, before you ask anyone for anything… you need to demonstrate value first.

We are on a mission to help corporate people globally build powerful careers and we need your help to do it. So we'are going to leave no stone unturned on the day so you have everything you need to scale your careers.
But for this to work… we need to be completely honest with you up front.

We don’t want you to come for one day and then never see you again.

We want to work with you for life. And over the course of the event (about 1/3 of the way through…), we are going to give you an option to book a call with us to go through your career priorities and see if we can help.

And we will make it insanely simple by showingn the event, for those of you who stay, we will share with you our exact model that has created exceptional value for 1000+ people. 

And if that appeals to you, THEN, we will share with you the next step of your journey - how we can go deeper in your aspirations and how we can help you get there and stay there.

And this is why you can join the workshop for no cost whatsoever.

You could end up like all of the crazy success stories you will hear about at the 10X Your Career Workshop.

In our experience the people who get the best results are people like you who want to have a genuine impact on people’s lives, are full of desire and motivation, and have the energy and commitment to follow a system from start to finish.

Does this sound like you?



Imagine what your life could look like using the strategies WE're going to teach you:

  • ​You’ve got a job that you love and are regularly making 53-180% more money while having fun. How will that feel, knowing that you have momentum towards your goals and income dreams while doing something you love?
  • You’re out of your ever present limiting thoughts and have your eyes set to the future. That way, you can focus on tapping into what you are best at and create results that surprise everyone around you.
  • You can spend time actually raising your kids as their role model, doing homework with them, coaching their sports team or just going for walks with them, growing your little humans for a life of success and happiness.
  • After you've achieved your goal, you can actually celebrate. Instead of the feeling of biting more than you can chew, the certainty that you have a way to make this growth sustainable and this was not a one shot wonder. How would it feel to know that it was not job interview or being lucky or being in the right place at the right time that did it but a fundamental force inside you that you tapped into and that it is always available at a drop of a coin.
  • And more importantly than anything else - you’re building the type of legacy you can be proud of. Being able to become a role model for your kids about how you broke your older patterns, how you got in touch with your greatness, how you have not settled for anything less than your best.
Over the last few years we've helped hundreds of people add 5-6 $ figures to their salaries in one shot. The foundation that was created for them resulted in the people we served, TRIPLING their income in just 22 months.

THAT FOUNDATION is what we will be teaching you during this event.

Over 1000 happy clients - all changing the way they work and engage in their lives, no longer limited, no longer fearful, no longer in the wanting game.

We have not seen a time as good as now to make this shift in your life.

Frankly we don’t think we’ll ever see it as good as this again.

Of course, this system will always work. And you’ll always be able to potentially use it to build the lifestyle you want.

So why not now?

Especially with the world the way it is right now. You can't just sit back anymore and hope that everything works out.

Right now the opportunity is sitting in front of you and we hope you join the 10X Your Career Workshop and grab it with both hands.

Corporate Professionals Helped
$15, 000, 000+
In Increased Salaries For Clients
20, 000, 000+
Views On Social Platforms

As Featured In:

Meet Kapil And Shilpa

Shilpa and Kapil are TEDx Speakers, Bestselling authors with multiple global awards including Best Couple In Coaching awardees- focused on helping corporate individuals build extraordinary careers.

In their former lives, Kapil and Shilpa worked for companies like Microsoft, Cognizant, Deloitte, Westpac, Tech M to name a few. Their combined 40 years of corporate experience has taught them that the ONLY way to build an exceptional career is to be the CEO of your own life.

Kapil played senior leadership role at Cognizant but suffered from significant imposted syndrome and suffered lack of direction for 5 years - but we will cover that story in the event because it is a pretty wild story!

Shilpa joined Kapil in his failing entrepreneurial venture of a year in 2019 and together in 6 months, they turned around that dream of living a life of impact to an ABUNDANT life of impact.

They don't just talk "nice, contribution, impact" language - they have active clients who trust their methodologies with their heart, time, and money to create powerful results.

Kapil and Shilpa have deliberately kept away from working with corporate organisations, even if it is traditional "wisdom" in the coaching industry that there is a lot more money there.


Because they know that when the person who is paying them invoices is different from the person getting the benefit of their coaching, they are compromising the integrity of their service.

And they want to act in the best interests of individuals just like them.

In the last 6 years, Kapil and Shilpa have reinvigorated the lives and careers of thousands of people, working directly with 1000+ people - ranging from Business Analysts/Test Engineers/Financial Analysts to CIO, CFO, VP level folks in very large organisations - to create results that they are proud of!
  • Salary Increases Of Over Rs 100 Cr.
  • ​500+ New Jobs
  • ​67/300+ Out Of Turn Promotions
  • ​53% To 200% Salary Increases
  • ​20+ -2+ Level Jumps
  • 10+ New Entrepreneurs

"I just got to regional level apace head role - 22 months back I was a business analyst!! Even after 1.5 years of attending your program, the change continues. WOW!"
- Mona (CLIENT)

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