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Monalisa Dhall

Shares her journey of transformation and how she applied it to all parts of her life. Now 22 months later, while her income has gone up by 3 times, she has beaten the norm by getting a job as Head of Managed Services at Rising HCM when she was 8 months pregnant.
Just 1.5 years back, he was stuck with no growth

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Nish Bhatt

A senior exec at Capgem had some real insight to share on how he could see everything changing in the last call he had with us.

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Testimonials - When We Say Tried And Tested, We Mean It!

Abhijit Kulkarni
ex-TechM, Career Coach
Right from day 1, I felt instantly connected.

Their transformational programs have the power to shift your mindset like none other. My journey in life had a pivotal shift for a lifetime! 

And the association with Kapil & Shilpa just didn’t end with the program. I have found a true friend, coach, guide for life!
Tanu Kaushik
Product Manager
I could discover the strengths that lay untapped and set me on a path of choice.

Shilpa & Kapil share lot of personal examples and their story is one of tremendous courage, passion & inspiration.

Go on a journey of discovery to find what you are missing.
Sahil Sabharwal
VP, Amex
I always wondered if Coaching will help since I had over two decades of work experience.

I took a shot and I cannot speak highly enough of the combination of assessments pieced together structurally. It far surpassed my expectations.

I have learnt so much about myself that I can apply to my life. 
Jagdish Amane
Management Consultant, TCS
It has really helped me change my entire perspective about myself

The approach is very simple and appealing and you immediately start realizing the difference and the impact it creates in your life.

Many people don't realize they need help to break through their barriers. I would highly recommend anyone to do it!
Elaine Wang
Project Manager, UNSW
I now feel I always have someone standing by me along the way till the end!

It has enabled me to approach my career transition with a clarity of purpose, small actions with a strategic approach, nail the direction and achieve the goals.

I would recommend them for anyone who is looking for a career transition.
Vikas Goyal
IT Security Director, FIS
I never believed in miracles, but after engaging with them, I believe in them now. 

Like a small spark can put the engine to start and keep it operating, in the same way, it has changed everything for me. 

Shilpa and team are an awesome coach to identify the pain areas and fix them with no pain
Muruga Ayyappan
Sr Sales Director, HCL
Their energy, passion and mentoring for each of us in the term brought a drastic change to all.

They were really helpful in unlocking our full potential towards personal and professional growth. I will highly recommend them as coaches and it was an eye opening experience for me both personally and professionally.
Zaraf Shaikh
Audiology JV Partner, Specsavers
I have learnt to be “unapologetically me” first.

The biggest learning was to embrace change. As I began to love it, I started to see myself get out of the daily rut. 

I rediscovered my long lost abilities and channeling them, I now do things with a very different energy and passion. 
Jay K Patel
Tech Entrepreneur and Advisor
You will discover yourself and bring out a version of yours that you have never imagined.

Being a complete stranger, I wasn’t very sure about how it will be different from the other programs that I have done but something pushed me to sign up.

Everything has now shifted for me!
Deelip Pogiri
Program Manager, Texas
I got introduced to a new way of living, filled with positivity and purpose. 

When I first engaged with Shilpa & Kapil my expectation was to get some help in reaching out to next level in my career. But what I got was a complete life changing experience.

One comment will stay with me for life, "Is it easier to achieve something when you are happy or worried?"
Smitha Netalkar
Life Coach, New Horizons, India
I cannot thank them enough for coming at the right time in my life and guiding me to step into my power.

Being a housewife for 26 yrs, they have helped me get rid of my fears & things holding me back. As I got in touch with my inner power, I felt unstoppable.

Today I am transforming lives of women around, enabling them to create their powerful version 2.0
Adi Mopidevi
Co-Founder and CPO, AdSoft
Their large network is a big bonus and a credible way of meeting like-minded people.

Kapil & Shilpa bring a unique way of looking at one's decision making and swiftly arrives at one's mental blocks and tipping points. 

They would help you accept your blockers and has tools and processes which will help you to give your best. 
All this is available at Linkedin as well - but for sake of ease - here are some of those 90+ testimonials

"Getting Career Direction"
Narendra Ghante, Director, Deloitte, USA

"Networking With People"
Adi Mupidevi, CTO, Founder, USA

"Getting Career Direction"
Prashanth BP, ex-Senior Manager, Accenture, Melbourne

"Nothing Holding Me Back"
Pranshu K, Project Manager, Yashili, NZ

"Obscurity To People Person"
Priyanka Ramgopal, BA, Worldvision, Germany

'Clarity and Confidence"
Sahiba Arora, Analyst, Crisil, India

"Moving Forward after Being Stuck For A Long Time"
Dr Apurva Bhargava, Scientist, USA

"From out of job to INR 3L per Month in 5 months"
Ipshita Kajla, GM-HR, Yatra Online, India

"Started Entrepreneurship Journey"
Mehul Shah, Ex-Telstra, NDIS Entrepreneur, Sydney

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