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Here's Some Of What You'll Learn During The 6 Week Course:
6 Weeks "Play It Full" Online Course - $1997
Part 1- Confidence

Confidence in your abilities is about what goes on INSIDE you. Many people mistake it as something that depends how we act in front of others or in situations. 

You will be surprised how easy it is to let go of all the past challenges by following a simple structure that you will get in this program.

Part 2 - Certainty

How certain you are that you have a life of abundance in your future? For that, you need to have specific, tangible building blocks in place that feed that certainty constantly.

Learning it, benchmarking your current situation on those will create very strong foundation for you to then believe that you indeed have a life of abundance in your future.

Part 3 - Clarity

Many people feel surprised that something they have struggled with for decades can be closed in weeks! The mechanism is simple and works because once the Confidence bit is restored and Certainty has come in - Clarity is the logical next step as there is NOTHING holding you back any longer.

Part 4- Courage

It all has to come together. Right?

The only way some results can be achieved is when you take some actions. Given that each of us have constraints that we have to fight with constantly, taking these actions is not possible unless you have the courage to do it. 

In a very short time, you will build a new identity - one that is Courageous, Value driven, enabled by your effective Habits and your new Standards.

And it will change your entire life!
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Total Value - $4,031
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Here Is What Some Of The Global Members Have To Say!!

Jay K Patel, CEO & President, WIFEA & SLR67, USA
As a total stranger, I wasn’t sure about how it will be different from the other programs that I have done ( including an MBA with Jack Welch) but something pushed me to sign up. These 6 weeks will take you through a very High and Low roller coaster ride. Totally, a new approach to discover yourself, which brings real inside of you and very much required if you want to be on speed lane
Priyanka Ramgopal, Business Transformation Analyst, Germany
I did the program during the Summer of 2020. Kapil & Shilpa are committed to help every individual, to realise their true calling. Their association would enable you to develop a powerful set of empowering beliefs, make you aware of your strengths that combined with a set of Standards in Life that can be progressively raised overtime would help one strive a result par excellence.
Sahil Sabharwal, Director, Amex,
I cannot speak highly enough of the combination of assessments provide, pieced together, and offer a fantastic insight. I have learned so much about myself that I feel I can apply to my life. Working with you has been one of the best decisions I've made and some of the best money I've ever spent. I feel lucky and blessed to have attended this high quality program.
Zaraf Shaikh, Clinical Audiologist
After decades of doing the same thing week after week I started to feel stuck. I stood on a long stretch of road, directionless and clueless as to where I want to go. During this Program, I worked through every aspect, leveraging the “new me”. I found myself signing up for things at work, that I wouldn’t normally put my hand up for and got multiple appreciations for it! I have rediscovered my long lost abilities and I now do things with a very different energy and passion. I learnt to be “unapologetically me” first.
Anand Iyer, Associate Director, Cognizant,
I was able to rediscover my direction and purpose in life and understand what I am good at. This program completely invigorated me in all aspects of my life and greatly helped me in taking massive actions and overcoming procrastination. It also helped me in reigniting an amazing relationship with myself, my life partner, friends and world at large. Overall I found the program to be extremely useful in reenergising me completely and focus on all areas of my life to bring about massive transformation.
Tanu Kaushik, Brand and Product Marketer, Australia
I was going through a particularly difficult time and was looking for someone who could help clear the fog in my head and help me pull myself out of a hole that I had dug myself into. It is hard to completely transform oneself in the course of a 6 week program, but this program helped me go back to some old cobwebs that were hold me back, discover the strength and joy that lay untapped within me and set me on a path that I have chosen, that I am extremely positive & confident about and that I see myself on.
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Total Value - $4,031
Yours For Just $997 $497 Today!
"90% people are stuck from their greatness primarily because of lack of Clarity in what they can do to build abundance in their life"
"Imagine being able to tap into all the emotions you lost because of the fears and insecurities you have always had. How powerful will you become? What can stop you then?"